Internal Committee (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students in Higher Eductaional Institutions)Regulations , 2015 

Internal Committee- Sexual Harassment (POSH)


Sr. No. Name Designation Email Id
1 Dr. Apoorva A. Marathe Presiding Officer
2 Ms. Socorina Fernandes Teacher Member
3 Dr. Suraj M. Popker Teacher Member
4 Ms. Tina de Santa Tereza  D’souza Teacher Member
5 Ms. Sailee Y. Morajkar Teacher Member
6 Ms. Dinzie Tavares  Non Teaching Member
7 Mr.  Nikil B. Desai Non Teaching Member
8 Ms. Prajakta G. Sawant NGO
9 Ms. Filomina Fernandes Student Member
10 Ms. Ashlean Fernandes Student Member
11 Ms. Nandini S. Chari Student Member